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Matching Fiction with Cocktails

Has the weather forced you inside this winter? Or do you love getting through the long winter months with warm blankets and books?

The Real-Life Inspiration Behind Game of Thrones

Learn about George RR Martin's real-life inspiration for his epic fantasy series.

School Readiness Redefined: Beyond the ABCs

Lisa Regalla, the assistant director of the Center for Childhood Creativityopens a new window and the Bay Area Museumopens a new window in…

13 Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint this Fall

Even though you'll be spending less time outdoors come fall, this time of year is still perfect for eco-friendly activities and ways to…

Meet Our Environmentalist-In-Residence

Book a free, one-on-one, 30-minute consultation with Broti or Sophi to get tips for your ideas related to local green initiatives.

13 Famous Literary Houses

Famous houses abound in literature. Did your favourite literary house make the list?

Things to Do over Summer Break

If you're like me you probably struggle with how to create a magical summer for your kids. Let the library help!

Good Books to Go with Your Favourite Brews

Love coffee and books? Let your drink of choice lead you to your next book recommendation (in this very unscientific and completely made up…

How to be Chic and Green on Our Fragile Planet

Summer is here, it's a chance to mindfully pause and consider the environment and the impact humanity and we personally have on our planet.…

The Most-Anticipated New Releases of Fall 2019

The most anticipating new releases of Fall 2019, as curated by yours truly.

Plan a Book-nic!

Celebrate reading with a "book-nic." It's a picnic—with books as the main course!

Discover Your Next Read Based on Your Favorite Summer Fruit

Pick a favorite summer fruit to discover your next nonfiction books to read next in this very unscientific, just for fun blog.

Throwback Thursday: Favourites From Our Childhood

Most people have cherished childhood books which inspired their imaginations and nurtured their love of reading. The same can be said about…

Staff Picks for the 2019 Reading Challenge

Are you taking our 2019 Reading Challenge? We asked our staff about their favourite books for the category, "A non-prose book".

Comics + Ice Cream = A Delicious Summer

Here are five amazing graphic novels and comics, each with a delicious ice cream flavor to complement your reading.
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