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The Olympics On DVD

Besides showcasing incredible athletes from all around the world, the Olympics creates great stories.

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SurreyLibraries_Reads said:

I heard about this book on a booksellers’ podcast and was intrigued by the idea of untrustworthy narrators – within the first few chapters of this psychological…

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librarymovieguy said:

Don't let the 432 page length deter you--you'll turn them very quickly. Guy Delisle is a bare-bones storyteller here. An outstanding graphic novel.

SingleMamma said:

Pretty good book, with lots of tips and hints for buying local and eating healthy. Some staggering information is provided about consumer footprints. It…

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natashah123 said:

A fascinating look into the issue of electronic waste. It will make you think twice before you automatically opt-in to your next mobile upgrade.

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