Imagine Doing More: Beacon Hill Teens Blend Roleplaying Quests with Digital Storytelling


Teens and tweens at Beacon Hill Branch are focusing on improving their social-emotional environment through games and storytelling for the 2018 Teen Summer Challenge, Imagine Doing More

Teens are currently preparing for a series of awesome three-hour game-focused workshops in which they'll learn with Organized Play Foundation about Pathfinder Society role-playing quests. From character building to quests and game variants to missions, they'll be covering it all! Any interested and available tweens and teens are welcome to join them.

According to lead mentor Vivian, teens are already learning about authoring and i

llustrating digital stories and their goal is not only gaming, but learning how to transcribe every process into a single story that they will publish in an e-newsletter at the end of this summer! 

Vivian believes games offer teens an opportunity to enhance their social-emotional environment when they are cooperative, featuring collaborative missions and can help teens identify each other's strengths. She's excited to see teens gain confidence as they socialize, decide on leadership roles and strategize together.

She encourages all tweens and teens to join this mission and says, "Let's show our community what we can accomplish together!"