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Jenni is an Outreach Services Librarian at Albany Library. She loves making lists and blogging to ensure the LGBTQIA+ community is repped



Jaime reigns supreme in running programs for queer kids, youth and adults here at ALC. He has been working in outreach for almost a decade a

Staff Favourites

Love Exists for Benjamin

A patron tweeted us and asked for some queer romance novels so he could feel like love exists for him. Here's proof love exists for everyone

Am Queer, Must Travel

Love traveling but don't have that straight privilege to keep you feeling secure? We've got you covered!

Lesbian YA to Knock Your Socks Off

Sometimes young girls, and not so young women, need a book that just...gets them.

Pride Month: YA Books for Teens

Check out these recommended YA titles for teens to celebrate Pride Month!

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