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That girl gripping a book in her trembling hands, looking like a loon, struggling not to laugh out loud on your daily commute, that's me. I like reading books for the escapes they offer, the magic, romance, whimsy, and humor. Even those heartbreaking and blood pumping moments when you get overly invested in the characters you’re reading that keep your on your toes with every turn of the page.

My hobbies and life are quite similar to the books I read (aside from the magic, why can't there be more magic?!). When I'm not reading, recommending awesome books, crafting, or playing video games, I can usually be found trying out a new Steampunk outfit or helping out my local Theatre community. So, if you like coffee and would love a little more whimsy in your life, let me recommend some books for you to read.

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Throwback Thursday: Favourites From Our Childhood

Most people have cherished childhood books which inspired their imaginations and nurtured their love of reading. The same can be said about…

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New Amish Romance at DPL

Historical Fiction

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It's only a flesh wound!: Knights Templar Fiction for Teens

If the Knights Templar has fascinated you or you enjoy a good medieval historical fiction novel, then this is a great list for you.

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Jessica's Lists

Jessica's Lists

It's Only a Flesh Wound!: Knights Templar Historical Fiction

Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo de gloriam! (Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name give glory!).

Your Journey Starts Here, Just Add Steam--Steampunk Starters

It's not all cogs, gears, and corsets, discover the genre of Steampunk with this list of starter books to introduce you to the genre.

The Game is Not Over: Video Game Fan Fiction

Follow some of your favorite games in a different format and see things in a different light. It's not all 1s and 0s in this list.

Love Bites: Romantic Vampire Fiction

Heat up the night with some of these Vampire romance books.
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