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That girl gripping a book in her trembling hands, looking like a loon, struggling not to laugh out loud on your daily commute, that's me. I like reading books for the escapes they offer, the magic, romance, whimsy, and humor. Even those heartbreaking and blood pumping moments when you get overly invested in the characters you’re reading that keep your on your toes with every turn of the page.

My hobbies and life are quite similar to the books I read (aside from the magic, why can't there be more magic?!). When I'm not reading, recommending awesome books, crafting, or playing video games, I can usually be found trying out a new Steampunk outfit or helping out my local Theatre community. So, if you like coffee and would love a little more whimsy in your life, let me recommend some books for you to read.

Collection Heading

Day Trip To Space

Nowhere to go for summer vacation? How about space?

Space Shuttle Blast Off!

Do you love space and astronauts? Check out these titles.

Space, Rockets, and Robot Books for Tweens & Teens

These books will answer your questions about space, spaceflight, and space exploration. For any budding astronaut or space enthusiast!

Discover Science & Space: Materials for Adults

With a new interest in the new movie and book Hidden Figures, these titles will surge some interest with the topic of space!

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Collection Heading

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