Engine 23 – Cassandra

Fire Engine 23

The New Adventures of Engine 23

Now your kids can be part of The New Adventures of Engine 23 at the Library as they put on their fire hats, pull on their coats, and let their imaginations soar!

Central Library's unique early learning centre, a partnership between Calgary Public Library and the Calgary Fire Department, helps children play and pretend together, learn life-saving fire safety tips, and create their very own Engine 23 adventures.

23 Fun Facts 

Fact #6

Engine 23 weighs over 20 tonnes—that’s the weight of more than three African Elephants, which are the largest living land animal!

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Like our Fire Engine?

Make sure you visit our helicopter too!

Seton Library opens early 2019! It has lots of room --  enough room for a helicopter to fit comfortably among the shelves of books and other Library services.

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