Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrate Pride Month!

Celebrate Pride Month

Graphic Novels:Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender NC Characters

Here is a short list of some graphic novels and manga featuring trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming characters.

Queercore - Music for Your Pride Month

Pride Month is a time to for Remembrance of Queer History.

Queer Cinema

Celebrating queer characters and their stories, these films include hidden treasures as well as more well-known movies.

Lesbian YA to Knock Your Socks Off

Sometimes young girls, and not so young women, need a book that just...gets them.

The African-American Youth Experience

Online Resources

Oneline Resources

Learn a New Language

Can't travel? It is a perfect time to brush up on your language skills at home.

Canadian Citizenship Test Preparation Resources

Getting ready for your citizenship test? Learning Express has practice tests and answers to help you prepare!

15 reasons for kids to learn a language

There are many reasons that your child should be learning a second language - do it online with the public library and Mango Languages!


In honor of World Bee Day, here is a selection of books about bees and beekeeping.

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We Recommend

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