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Staycation Inspiration for the Family

Fun (and productive!) spring break ideas and reading for the whole family if you're trying to save a few pennies.

November 2019 Books We're Excited About

Looking for the inside scoop? Based on advance reviews and publicity, here are the books we're most excited to read this month.

11 Perfect Back-to-School Read Alouds

Start off the first weeks of school right with the perfect picture book!

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Out of This World!

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Whether you're into science, science fiction, or astrology, you'll find a galaxy of resources here.

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10 to Try: Women in Science

Did you see the movie Hidden Figures? Are you participating in our 10 to Try challenge this year?

Space Oddity (or, eight books about the final frontier)

We have BOOKS. We have books about SPACE. Read them or E.T. will never phone home.

Comics for Han Solo Fans

If you want more Han Solo before the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, here are some comics featuring the Millennium Falcon's owner.


hgibbins said:

An excellent follow-up to the original series. We need many more of this type of program in order to help combat the superstitious mumbo-jumbo that we…

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Old Cosmos, or New Cosmos?

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Old Cosmos, or New Cosmos?

  • Carl Sagan all the way!
  • Neil's my homeboy
  • Can't choose - they're both great!

Explore the Cosmos!



mridder said:

Cosmos is an outstanding series. Carl Sagan does an amazing job of making science accessible and showcasing the wonders of the universe. In some ways I…

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