Sustainable Fashion: How to be Chic and Green on Our Fragile Planet

Summer is here, it's a chance to mindfully pause and consider the environment and the impact humanity and we personally have on our planet. Toronto Public Library is honouring this with "Our Fragile Planet" displays in branches, many free programs and booklists of recommended readings.

Ask yourself, does the search for fashionable clothing make us constantly buy new items? Does cheap and almost disposable clothing encourage over consumption? Consider is the cloth we're wearing grown in such a way that it's sustainable and has minimal impact on the environment. Are we buying from local designers with product made locally to reduce the carbon footprint?  In Fixing Fashion, Michael Lavergne looks at how we could rethink the way we make, market and buy our clothes.

When Goodwill suddenly closed did you ask yourself these questions:

  • where will I take my old clothes and stuff?
  • where will I buy my "new to me" clothes?
  • where is all that stuff going now?

I'm reminded of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in their catchy song Thrift Shop "I wear your granddad's clothes....I look incredible" and their indictment of the $50 t-shirt.