Staff Picks for August: Children’s Titles

We know, summer has flown by and your kids haven't read a word (chatting in Fortnite doesn't count!). There is still time to beat the summer slump--check out these great titles today!

Iqbal and His Ingenious Idea

During monsoon season in Bangladesh, Iqbal’s mother has to move the cooking fire inside, which makes her and the new baby sick from all the smoke. They need a better solution. Iqbal is inspired by the upcoming science fair, where the winning sustainability invention will also get a cash prize. After enlisting his younger sister to help, Iqbal decides to build a solar stove. Not only will it help the environment by providing a smoke‑free cooking experience, but he might also even win the prize money, which would be enough to buy a propane stove to use on cloudy days. But will there be a sunny day in monsoon season for him to test his experiment before the science fair? Check out Iqbal and His Ingenious Idea!

Cece Loves Science

Cece loves to ask questions, and her teacher says that will make her a great scientist. During class one day, Cece gets an assignment to pick her favorite science and carry out an experiment. Therefore, with her partner, Isaac, they set out to devise the perfect animal analysis. When Einstein, Cece’s dog, eats all of her dinner except the vegetables, Cece and Isaac come up with an ideal experiment: will dogs eat vegetables? During their investigation Cece and Isaac discover that science is all about observing, waiting and repeatedly trying even after you fail. How will Cece and Isaac get Einstein to eat his vegetables? Check out Cece Loves Science!

The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate the School

In The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate the School our unnamed heroine is having a hard time coming up with a science fair project. After doing research online, she orders Professor Swami’s Super Slime, which she thinks will win her the competition. But things start going wrong when the heroine does not pay close attention to the instructions, allowing the goo to escape its box before the fair. The single‑minded and determined pile of ick goes on a rampage, eating our protagonist’s cat, sister, dad, teacher and some of her friends, not stopping until our heroine finally remembers how to make it disappear. 

Pirate, Viking, & Scientist

Scientist is friends with Pirate and Viking, but Pirate and Viking cannot stand each other. When Pirate and Viking’s rivalry ruins Scientist's birthday party, he turns to scientific principles such as experimentation and observation to find a solution to this friendship dilemma. After much trial and error, he discovers the answer in Pirate and Viking’s shared interests in pillaging, plunder and sailing, proving the power of science and friendship. Check out Pirate, Viking, & Scientist!

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