Read Like a Dinosaur

There was a time, way in the past, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. They filled the land and the air, spending their days roaring loudly at each other and devouring food with their pointy teeth. It would be amazing to go back to that time and see live dinosaurs, but since no one has invented a time machine—yet—we can do the next best thing and imagine what a dinosaur might read, that is, if they could!

Dinosaurs might have been very competitive, so I'm guessing they would want to start with books like Dino Records and How Big Were Dinosaurs?. These books have all the most important information about dinosaurs like who was the biggest, the smallest, the deadliest, the weirdest and the most intriguing.

Lesbian YA to Knock Your Socks Off

List created by natasha555

Sometimes young girls, and not so young women, need a book that just...gets them. Here are a few titles that tell truly beautiful (and sometimes badass) stories

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