Discover Your Next Read Based on Your Favorite Summer Fruit

Pick a favorite summer fruit to discover your next nonfiction books to read next in this very unscientific, just for fun blog.

If strawberries, raspberries and blackberries make their way often to your plate, you're a big fan of any kind of historyopens a new window (did you know this year is the 50th anniversary of the moon landingopens a new window?). Something about long summer nights has you shivering under a blanket reading true crimeopens a new window or you'll be found flipping through nonfiction graphic novelsopens a new window while by the pool.

If summer screams for the bright zip of citrus, you like to be surprised and you're often bouncing around from one thing to the next. Try a memoir from ordinary people with fascinating storiesopens a new window or pick up a book about real-life adventurersopens a new window. You're looking to get some time under the starsopens a new window while campingopens a new window this summer, too.

There's something magical about just-ripe peaches, plums and nectarines. Since stone fruits don't last long, you like to look for ways to preserve things, like keeping family memoriesopens a new window alive. Practice watercolorsopens a new window or pick up crochetopens a new window or knittingopens a new window. You're a big believer in slowing down to smell the rosesopens a new window

If a big slice of juicy watermelon is your favorite summer treat, you likely enjoy human stories. Pick up a recently ordered biography or memoiropens a new window, or see which memoirsopens a new window Arapahoe Libraries staff recommend. Since summer is about abundance, you might want to dabble in homebrewingopens a new window or preservingopens a new window

When you cut up a mango, you're transported to lands far away. Plan your next adventure with new travel booksopens a new window or learn about new places and peoples' experiences in travel memoirsopens a new window. You're often running around town, so nonfiction audiobooksopens a new window about all kinds of topics keep your momentum going. You're also into hiking and climbingopens a new window.

If sweet pineapple tops your list for your favorite summer fruit, you always have something fun planned. Celeb memoirsopens a new window are top of your list during the summer. You hit up summer concerts so try a musician memoiropens a new window. You're also interested in reading more poetryopens a new window.

Scientifically speaking, tomatoes are a fruit, not a veggie, and if you knew that, then you like the facts. Books that dive deep into subjects, like microhistoriesopens a new window, top your list. Lifelong learning is a goal of yours, so check out Never Have I Ever Nonfictionopens a new window to find even more books to hold your attention. You're also into staying fitopens a new window.

If you prefer your summer fruit to be in cocktails, check out batch cocktailsopens a new window because you love entertainingopens a new window and throwing get-togethersopens a new window. You have many friendsopens a new window and love making personal connections. Without a doubt, summer is your favorite season. 

Tell us what you're going to read in the comments or ask a librarian for personalized suggestionsopens a new window. Happy reading!

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