Uncover Your Story

Now in its fourteenth year, History Detectives continues to offer up-to-date history from independent researchers and academic historians to popular audiences —virtually, when necessary. Started in 2008 by Christine Byron and Marcie Beck, then staff members of the Grand Rapids History Center at the Grand Rapids Public Library, History Detectives quickly grew from an afternoon…
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Gates Open, Come On In….

How have you kept the gates open for potential sci-fi lovers in your life? We're welcoming all those "don't know they're sci-fi fans yet" to our Sci-Fi Not Books Club. Hard sci-fi, soft sci-fi, YA, movies, games and more. Bring a friend to our next meeting and see if you can turn them to the…
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Are Birds Really That Cool?

Yes. You can find out yourself by borrowing one of our brand new birdwatching kits! Complete with a scope, birding guidebook, community birding map, bird identification cheat sheet, and bird checklist. Make this your first "Big Year"! Birdwatching. Learn more about Ornithology with colourful Birding Guides, books on how to build Birdhouses, & some fine-feathered…
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